Past Selves - EP

by Astronymous

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This EP was written, recorded, and produced between June 2011 and May 2012.


released May 2, 2012

All songs written, performed, recorded, and produced by Astronymous with the exception of "You Know... Yeah." on which:

- the drums and bass were recorded by Ray Smith at Gulch Groove Studio.

- the drum part was written and performed by the notorious Elvis Steinbaugh.

- themaxheadroomincident and Bro-Step legend French Kettle Station donated their mixing talents.

Sincere thanks to: Ray Smith, Luke Thinnes, Anton Krueger, Jay Tomlinson, Will Barret, Susie Brantley, and Liam Dodd



all rights reserved


Astronymous Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Le Choc
Who are you to polish our feet, to die in our streets,
to lose your legs on a battleground
and cry in disbelief?

Don't say my name.
Don't show your face around this town again.
Only scream under your breath.

Who asked you to open your mouth, to wonder aloud and place your mind on the mantlepiece out for all to see?

Don't say a name.
Don't cry, just feign.
But please don't scream and shout and say "I wish myself dead now."
Track Name: Beaten Like a Rented Mule
"I would like some more respect."
What was that you never said?
Skinless vissions, eyes so open.
"I would have if I could have....
Well at least I tried."

Halt to us.
So innocuous.
Halt to us.
Halt to replicate us.

What was that you never said?
What was that you never did?
You're a doormat disguised as a door.
You're an eye-glass, gaze guiding,
but falsely prescribed.

Talk to us, Oh Innocuous,
talk to us.
Exploit yourself to us.
Track Name: "You Know... Yeah."
We know, we know
It might be slow but you’re
Gonna get by somehow

Yes well… Can I
Just let this drop and
Feel the pain right now?

We know, we know it’s hard
To remember those
Thoughts when you are
Staring them in the eye
Yeah, we know it’s hard.

Too late, too bad
You might be mad
But you’re gonna have to suffice

Oh well, it’s just
Another night of
Tussling with yourself

You know, you know… yeah.
What we’re saying to you,
It is always on your mind.
Yeah, you know it’s true.

We know, we know it’s hard
To remember those
Thoughts when you are
Staring them in the eye
Track Name: Arms Escape From Thin Air
Remember who you've been
Don't loose sight with them
They call their name without light
and bury it within them

Don’t forget who you’ve been
Who’s cowered from the friends?
Who’s killed the light?
All this darkness awakens what’s within him.

The past selves are assailing
Arms escape from thin air
Beneath the stars all you are
Are light beams in suspension